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FlashTrade1 is a fast-paced company aims at providing easy-to-execute signals to its Clients.

We are a leading & fastest growing Global Financial Advisory company with over 3 years of experience with great proven accuracy & efficiency.

FlashTrade1 aims at providing signals...

  • Immediate entry - exit
  • mostly News & Volume based
  • Not necessarily to be paired with some other signals
  • Mostly Day Trades
  • Advance Alarm update so that part-time traders can also trade
  • Calculated Risk with Higher Reward pattern
  • No need to study/analyse/observe charts & news


FlashTrade1 aims to become no.1 Signal Provider in global forex market with a vision to capture 80% of market share with precise and accurate signals. FlashTrade1 is focused and determined to stand apart from the clutter of signal advisors.


Transparent, easy-to-understand, precise, and accurate research & analysis to all the trader. Capital Protection is and will always be the first & foremost priority at FlastTrade1. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by assuring 24x7 customer support with proper guidance & information.

Our Skills

4-Way Interconnected Performance

We use Live Performance to showcase our accuracy. Our each & every signal is 4-way-locked & interconnected which makes it impossible to modify once we publish. Our Methods & strategy are impeccable and unbeatable.

  • WinRate


  • Profit in PIPS


How do we work

A highly skilled professional service base on Fundamental News, Volume Analysis and technical levels

A unique
way of generating Signals

We post our signals live, accessible for all to watch and observe, 100% live-performance, 4-way-interconnected performance, impossible to modify, precise, accurate and instant updates.

each Signal

Each signal is live streamed every day as we claim that our performance is 100% live + transparent. We don’t have to hide anything.


When you have the profit in your pocket, what to do with it? How much to reinvest? What proportion to invest? How to reinvest? We have the answers ready, join FlashTrade1.

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$500 for 2 Months
Capital required = $100-$1000
1-3 Signal per day
Risk: Reward = 1:3
ROI/day = 10-12%
Recommended for beginner

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$1200 for 3 Months
Capital required = $1000-$5000
3-5 Signal per day
Risk: Reward = 1:6
ROI/day = 23-25%
Recommended for intermediate

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$5000 for 6 Months
Capital required = $5000-$50K
5-7 Signal per day
Risk: Reward = 1:9
ROI/day = 35-37%
Recommended for experienced

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Indicator Based Signal

WinRate = 89%
Leverage Recomm. = 1:500
Holding period = 1 to 5 days

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