Frequently Asked Questions

Signal Entry
— PAID Client - Precise entry level, Target and Stop loss limit will be give in paid signal.
— Free Client - Can watch and observe the accuracy in live Trade. Precise level Entry will not be posted.

Profit booking
— PAID Client - Unique updates such as profit booking, Exit message, Midway-Exit will be given to paid clients only.
— Free Client - Once the Exit of Paid client is done, Free client can watch the update, LIVE.

Re-Entry LEVE
— PAID Client - Re-Entry level will only be given on Paid Client in Advance so that they can book the profit and can enter gain with small risk to gain more.
— Free Client  - Re-Entry level + profit booking strategy + SL are updated to paid clients only.

LIVE support
— PAID Client - Paid client can cans our technical team during live trades, regarding lot size, leverage, late entry query, exit level, Revise SL + averaging trades.
— Free Client  - Free followers can only watch and observe the live trading strategies.

Personalised Communication
— PAID Client - Paid subscribers do get dedicated executive support in case of any query or confusion.
— Free Client - Free followers have 24x7 support on telegram channel but technical update and queries will be answered to paid clients only.

Join FLASHTRADE1 for instant entries, instant profit

Risk free trades because of the nature of our trading methods

FlashTrade is an Advisory Service. As the name suggests itself, FlashTrade Signals are accurate and instant where the company will provide a signal with the current market price, instant entry and quick exits with 30 pips to 100 pips of profit or 2 to 7 points in the commodity.

FlashTrade1 serves
— Full-Time traders
— Mostly Day Traders with Instant entry & exit
— for Small capital client as well as High-Net Worth Individuals
— New Traders/ Learners as no trading strategies required
— Extremely Low Risk & Fast Execution

FlashTrade USP
— 1:5 - Risk:Reward ratio
— Risk maximum 10-15 pips - Reward 30-100 pips
— No limit/pending orders
— Entry at Market price
— Advance Alarm Update for clients with different time-zone
— Low Risk - Low Capital