Terms And Condition

FlashTrade is an Advisory Service. As the name suggests itself, FlashTrades are fast and instant orders where the company will provide a signal with the current market price, instant entry and quick exits with 30 pips to 100 pips of profit or 2 to 7 points in the commodity. FlashTrade service basically serves — Full-Time traders — Mostly Day Traders with Instant entry & exit — for Small capital client as well as high capital client — New Traders/ Learners as no trading strategies required — Extremely Low Risk & Fast Execution FlashTrade USP — 1:3 - Risk:Reward ratio — Risk maximum 10-15 pips - Reward 30-100 pips — No limit/pending orders — Entry at the Market price — Advance Alarm Update for clients with different timezones — Low Risk - Low Capital